Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Huntsville Quakers

On Sunday, while I was in Huntsville, AL for a performance, I attended the Huntsville Friends Meeting (Quaker). The gathering met in the private home of a lesbian couple. In fact, I was the only male in a group of 14 worshippers. I loved the way the women made room for everyone, being certain everyone had a seat, even people who hadn't yet shown up.

We sat in a rich silence for 60 minutes. In the middle of that silence I centered myself and thought I'd be real spiritual and let the "Light" search me out and do some work in me.

Here is the result:

In my mind I constructed a prayer, "Lord, I am open to see what is wrong with me."
Out of the silence I heard, "Friend, let me show you what is right with you."


At 9:04 PM , Blogger WordK said...

This is a beautiful post among so many beautiful posts.


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